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The Media Literacy Council launched the Better Internet x Youths Call for Proposals (CFP) on 13 April 2017 to support community initiatives that promote digital literacy. In partnership with corporate partners, the Council hopes to empower youths to initiate projects that will reach out to and benefit their peers as well as the community at large.

The CFP is open to applications from public, private and people organisations, including schools and tertiary institutions under the Ministry of Education, self-help groups, voluntary welfare organisations, and youth sector organisations.

A key criterion of the CFP is for the applicant organisations to have existing youth networks and for them to include youth participation when ideating, co-creating and/or implementing the projects.

The project beneficiaries are not limited to youths and may reach out to benefit any social segment in Singapore including students, working adults, parents, seniors and persons-with-disabilities.

Corporate partners Google, Garena, MyRepublic, Facebook and Mediacorp have come on-board to contribute their expertise and resources in areas such as co-funding, mentorship and training, incubation facilities, and the scaling of the CFP projects. These partners will tap on their platforms to increase the social impact of the CFP projects and bring Digital Literacy issues to their communities.

Be Safe
  • Managing online information and keeping it safe from online risks such as phishing and identify theft
  • Protecting online privacy and respecting others’ privacy
  • Managing Digital Footprint and reputation
  • Identifying and handling online predators, and dealing with inappropriate behaviours such as sexting, harassment
  • Identifying and handling scams and hoaxes
Be Smart
  • Identifying and respond to fake news
  • Identifying and managing cyber-bullying, trolling etc and building resilience against negative online experiences
  • Identifying, searching, evaluating and using information effectively
  • Creating awareness of the latest digital trends
  • Managing screen time and device addiction.
Be Kind
  • Encouraging positive online behaviour and supportive online communities.

“The Council recognises that youths are digital savvy and have the potential and ability to innovate solutions to real-world Digital Literacy issues such as cyber-bullying, discernment of fake news, and cyber-safety. We have also seen a recent rise in young Singaporeans stepping forward to generate novel solutions to social problems in the form of social movements and enterprises and we hope to support youths who have the ideas and passion to create thoughtful initiatives to make the internet a better place for all”.

Mr Lock Wai Han , Chairman of the Media Literacy Council

You may refer to the FAQs here and download the application forms here.