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Cyber bullying is the use of electronic media - especially mobile phones and the internet - to intimidate, threaten or upset someone. It can come from friends in school, or online friends made in social media and gaming platforms. Cyber bullying is real and hurtful, and in some famous cases, have caused victims to commit suicide.

Cyber bullying can include:

  • Texting scary or rude messages by mobile phone
  • Sending unpleasant photographs by mobile phone
  • Using emails, online message boards or social networking sites to post cruel messages
  • Deleting the victim's name from groups or ignoring their messages on social networking sites (ostracization)

Survey data in Singapore suggests that about three in ten school children and youths have experienced cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is similar to other forms of bullying in that the victim is physically and emotionally harassed and made to feel frightened. But the major difference is that a cyber bully is able to "follow" the victim into his house and into his bedroom, and at all times of the day. It is potentially more traumatic because the victim may feel that he has nowhere to hide, and that the "whole world" knows.

Help! What can I do if I am being cyber-bullied?

  • Stop responding or communicating with the cyber bully immediately
  • Block the cyber bully from your friends list, if possible
  • Save a copy of the bullying message as evidence to prove that you have been cyber bullied
  • Talk to a trusted adult, i.e. parent, relative or teacher, about the incident

I know someone is being cyber-bullied. What can I do?

If you are a witness to cyber-bullying, don't stand by. All bullies rely on the support of by-standers -people who watch what's going on but do nothing about it.

  • Be brave - help fight the cyber bullying by reporting the cyber bully
  • Let the victim know you are on their side