Safer Internet Day 2014 – Let’s create a better internet together

About Safer Internet Day 2014

The Safer Internet Day (SID) is a public awareness initiative started in 2004 by the Insafe Network, a network of Awareness Centres funded under the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission. The SID takes place on the second day of the second week of the second month every year and seeks to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people.


The global theme for SID 2014, which falls on 11 February 2014, is “Let’s Create a Better Internet Together.” Singapore will join the international community in commemorating SID for the second year running. Over 100 countries will be participating in SID 2014.

Spearheaded by the Media Literacy Council (MLC), and supported by the Media Development Authority, Singapore is participating in the global initiative to create a better Internet through a series of public education initiatives for both children and parents. Through these efforts, the MLC hopes to convey the message that everyone can play a part in making the digital world a better and safer place.

1. Social media campaign

In line with the global theme, the MLC has launched its very own online campaign to mark SID and promote the concept of digital citizenship in Singapore. The campaign will highlight the importance of the media literacy core values - Respect, Empathy, Integrity and Responsibility – for online interaction and communications.

The campaign features a specially-produced video which seeks to emphasize the notion that everyone has a role to play in making the Internet a safer and better place for work, learning and play. Through this, the MLC hopes to inculcate a positive and enriching cyberspace culture in Singapore.

Internet users can pledge their support for a better Internet at ( or through the MLC’s Facebook page ( They can also “star” in the campaign video leveraging a novel way of “casting” their Facebook profile picture onto the video. We hope users will share the campaign message and video with their friends on social media with the hashtag #SID2014SG. The campaign will run from 11 February 2014 to 31 March 2014.

2. Parental resources

Recognising the important role that parents play, the MLC has developed resources for parents, providing useful insights and tips on parenting in the digital age.

a. Online videos - ‘Internet Safety Tips for Parents’

- In collaboration with Google Singapore, the MLC has produced a series of short online videos that touches on various concerns related to the internet and digital device usage by young children and teenagers.

- These videos feature personal experiences and tips from fellow parents and cyber wellness experts on how children can be better guided in terms of their digital media consumption. A range of topics including social media usage and excessive gaming are covered in this series. The videos can be viewed at (

b. Parents handbook - ‘Clique Click – Bringing up children in the digital age’

- The MLC has also published a handbook for parents of young children. The handbook touches on a range of topics, such as the usage of parental control tools and becoming good role models for children. The MLC hopes to empower parents with more information and resources as they embark on a digital journey with their children.

- The book has been sent to all Primary One students, through schools, for them to bring home to their parents. The electronic version can be accessed at (

3. iZ HERO Challenge

The MLC has collaborated with NTU and infollutionZERO to make available an educational programme called iZ Hero Challenge to all primary schools in Singapore.

iZ HERO Challenge aims to empower young children with responsible digital citizenship and character development. Following up from the iZ HERO exhibition at Singapore Science Centre, the Challenge comprises fun activities to develop ‘zero-tolerance’ for cyber bullying and recognising students’ efforts as the iZ HERO of Respect.

The original iZ HERO Project was developed by Korea-based infollutionZERO and Nanyang Technological University. It received the UNESCO ICT Education Prize for two years in a row (2012 and 2013) for its promoting responsible digital citizenship among children.

All primary schools will receive an iZ Class Package and Family Package for teachers. The class package will guide teachers in incorporating iZ HERO Challenge activities into their curriculum, while the family package will allow them to take these lessons outside of the classroom and into home by enlisting support from parents.

West View Primary School will be first to pilot the iZ HERO Challenge programme in Singapore and it is carrying out activities in the lesson plan from 11 to 14 February for all its students. Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications Information and Ministry of Education, will grace the launch of iZ HERO Challenge at the school. For more information about the programme, visit (

4. Student-led Projects

The MLC is also working with the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) to support student-led projects to encourage Internet users to be kind and gracious online, through SKM’s Seed Kindness Fund ( Kindness and graciousness are important values that would contribute to a better, positive and enriching Internet environment. In 2014, two groups of students have received funding support from the Seed Kindness Fund to kick start their youth campaigns:

a. “#Not A Keyboard Warrior” : To raise awareness of the growing problem of cyber-harassment in Singapore and to educate youths about the consequence of cyber aggression on themselves and others. (

b. “Screensavers” : To nurture healthier and kind online behaviour through parent-child interaction. Parents would be encouraged to take active steps in managing their children’s digital technology use through the project’s “Screen Tips” for healthy use. (

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About Media Literacy Council (MLC)
The Media Literacy Council works in partnership with industry, community and government to champion and develop public education and awareness programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness. In an increasingly interactive and participatory media landscape, the MLC seeks to cultivate and encourage the public to become discerning media consumers with the ability to evaluate media content effectively, and use, create and share content safely and responsibly. It also advises the government on how to respond to emerging issues relating to Internet and media content.