Classification and Ratings System

To help the public, in particular parents, make more informed choices about the media they and their children view, the Info-communications Media Development Authority classifies films, videos and video games. This classification framework is based on the evaluation of classifiable elements such as sex, violence, nudity and language. These ratings are accompanied by advisories which highlight the type of content they could expect in the material. More mature content may warrant a restricted age rating, where only individuals of the appropriate age can view the content.

More information on IMDA's classification scheme can be found here.

Films & Videos

Knowing the ratings and consumer advice will help you decide better the films that are suitable for your children.

Classification for Films and Videos

To check out film ratings, go to IMDA's Films Classification Database.


For games, currently two ratings are given: Age Advisory (Suitable for 16 & Above) and M18 (Mature 18). Games rated M18 typically contain mature themes, and have realistic depictions of violence, drug use, nudity or frequent use of strong coarse language. Games approved for general distribution do not carry rating labels, but you should still do some research on the content of the game to ensure that it is suitable for your child before buying.


Classification for Games


To check if a game title has been approved for sale, go to IMDA's Video Games Classification Database.

Free-to-Air Television

Programmes on Free-to-Air or FTA TV (Mediacorp) are for general audiences. All shows airing between 6am and 10pm are expected to be suitable for family viewing. Programmes which require parental guidance are rated PG or PG13. PG13 programmes can only be shown after 10pm. Always be around to guide younger children when watching PG-rated programmes.

Pay TV

To provide consumers with more choices, pay TV operators in Singapore have been allowed, since June 2012, to offer R21 (Restricted 21) content on their video-on-demand (VOD) service. Before the service was introduced, IMDA worked with pay TV operators to put in place proper safeguard measures such as effective parental lock mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access of R21 content by the young. Please refer to the pay TV operators' respective websites for more information on the parental lock system.



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