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Digital Parenting: 8 Must-Have Skills for your Child to Succeed Today

As our children are exposed to digital devices at an earlier age, parents are faced with new challenges. This workshop developed by the Media Literacy Council and the DQ Institute, presented by TOUCH Cyber Wellness, is designed to prepare parents to help their children navigate the online world safely and responsibly. 

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1 Mar

Infocomm Media Development Authority @ 3 Fusionopolis Way, Level 15, Symbiosis, S138633

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Tips for Youth

We hope these tips will serve to be useful in helping youths navigate the exciting digital world that never sleeps. 

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Tips for Working Adults

Learn more about how to stay safe, smart and kind online with the tips we have put together just for you. 

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Tips for Parents

We hope you will find these tips helpful as you embark on this exciting digital parenting journey! 

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Tips for Seniors (45+)

Here are some tips to help seniors stay safe, smart and kind online. 

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Safer Internet Day (SID) is all about gathering like-minded people to create a safer, better internet for everyone. Every year, on the second Tuesday of February, the whole world comes together to make the internet a better place. SID kicked off in Europe in 2004, and is celebrated by over 100 countries globally. The Media Literacy Council spearheaded Singapore's participation in 2013 and continues to celebrate SID each year through its Better Internet Campaign.

Visit global Safer Internet Day website to explore more about campaigns in different countries.



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