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Stepping Up for Media Literacy – Jun Koh

Jun and his team of ambassadors use their media literacy knowledge for good. But years ago, things were quite different.

Maturing from a past

Jun was the President of the Media Smart Club in ITE College Central. When he was young, Jun was bullied a lot. As he grew older, he decided to bully others. While doing so, he noticed a change in their character and a person as a whole. He felt that this was not what they deserved. “Bullying isn't what we need now in society.” he noted.

Inspiration to step up

In Jun’s view, bullying has gone online now, and has become more dangerous as people hide behind their keyboards to post negative comments, bearing no responsibility for their online actions. He felt the need to step up and do something about it.

Using knowledge to do good

Jun and his team of Media Smart Club ambassadors used their media literacy knowledge for good. Being trained in media literacy matters, they organised events to teach members of the public, including parents, elderly and youths, on how to navigate the online world safely, smartly and responsibly.

Media literacy through innovation

Jun also came up with the idea of using the game Minecraft to build maps for players to learn about digital literacy as they play. The objective of the game is to answer all the digital literacy questions correctly in order to clear the game. “We hope that after people had played the map, they will have a better understanding of the impact of their online actions on others.”

He added, “I believe that if everyone plays their part, the internet will become a better place for all.”

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